Municipal Court

City of Gaffney Municipal Court is held each week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 a.m.  We are located in the city hall building at 201 North Limestone Street, Gaffney (building with clock tower).  Municipal Court can be reached by phone at 864-487-8524.

Court staff consists of:

                  Honorable Joseph L. V. Johnson, Municipal Judge

                        Honorable Kaye Allison, Municipal Judge
                        Honorable Collis Edwards, Municipal Judge
                        Christine S. Guest, Clerk of Court
                        Valerie Stapleton, Records Clerk
                        Sheila Teague, Records Clerk
This court only handles charges that are made by officers of the Gaffney Police Department.  Payments can be made online by clicking


 Citations can also be paid in person with cash, cashiers check or money order; or, by mailing check or money order.  All payments by mail should include either a copy of the citation or a reference to the citation number.  Citation numbers can be found on the bottom right hand side of your citation (in red).  

When appearing in court for any reason, you should be mindful of your appearance.  Some examples of inappropriate attire are shorts or skirts more than two inches above the knee, low cut blouses and blouses that reveal bare shoulders, such as tank tops, camisoles or tube tops.  All pants must be pulled up and belted at the waist, and shirts tucked in and must remain so the entire time you are in the courtroom.  Hats, flip flops, pajamas or midriff tops are not allowed.  Cell phones and pagers should be turned completely off before entering the courtroom.  Sunglasses will not be worn in the courtroom unless they are medically necessary.  If your appearance is not suitable, you will not be allowed in the courtroom.  You will be searched upon entering the courtroom and anything that can be considered a weapon will be taken and returned to you when you leave.

All payments should be made before 4 p.m. on the due date and in correct change.